The beauty of clear-finished wood products are returning to many Canadian homes and businesses, and no wonder. Their natural warmth adds an element of style that enhances almost any decor.

Woodlight selects specially backed veneers for their translucent properties and internal beauty. Our lights impart a warm glow to a room while focusing a direct light below, with striking effect. LED and fluorescent bulbs are specified to reduce heat and power use.

Woodlight fixtures are designed and constructed in Toronto, Canada, by a small group of artisans and crafts people. Our skills range from cabinet work to metal spinning and finishing. In addition to our retail line, we also design and build custom light fixtures to customers’ specific needs.

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Toronto M4R 1P82

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Woodlight uses veneer with a special backing that reinforces and stabilizes while allowing light to shine through. All fixtures are offered in birch, pine and oak.

Other materials include aluminum, steel and stainless steel, galvanized steel cable, brass, lucite, pine, cedar and recycled fir.

All fixtures are approved. Custom fixtures are available based on customers’ needs.

Woodlight fixtures are available at these retailers.
Mille Luce
Sescolite (Toronto)

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Marimekko models and prices NEW!
NEW Tony Koukos line
Koukos images 1  |  Koukos images 2
22” w X 12” h with 2 bands, 9” and 2”
16” w X 10” h with a single band
9“ w X 12” h with a single band
Darmah Trio
25" w X 24" h
20" w X 10" h
sconce 9" w X 12" h